Beach Scenes


An ethereal beach scene

The colors and the far off cliffs invoke a mystical feeling.  This is an example of “aerial perspective.”  The distance is painted with less detail and lighter colors and the detail and color intensity are increased as you move to the front of the painting creating perspective without buildings or telephone poles going off in the distance. The cliff and trees are full of colors but still in harmony with the overall feel of the painting.

‘Mystic Cove’
watercolor by Ron Sheldon


$350.00 USD


The original is for sale for $350 including shipping to a US location. The image size is 16 x20 inches.  The painting is on Arches 140 lbs watercolor paper bonded to a canvas stretched on a wood frame.  The image is then “fixed” with a museum quality varnish to protect it from ambient moisture. Mounted this way it does not need glass.

Giclée fine art print