Beach Scenes


watercolor by Ron Sheldon


$3.00 USD + S&H


Notecards of this painting, with envelopes, are available for $3 each. They are blank inside for your personal note. There is a 6 card minimum order. You can choose an assortment of any paintings to total 6 cards.

Giclée fine art print

A serene cove

I named this painting Contemplation because even as I was painting it I wanted to be there, deep in thought.  It is almost a mystical scene.  You can imagine what might be far off in the distance. The colors, as well as the scene, are quite and calm.  The perspective is created by a technique called “aerial perspective.”  The distance is painted with less detail and lighter colors and the detail and color intensity are increased as you move to the front of the painting creating perspective without buildings or telephone poles going off in the distance.