A family of elephants on a hot dry day

This is a study using a style taught by a Chinese artist.  It is a blending of Chinese style painting and traditional watercolors. Elephants are a popular as a household collection.  This family of elephants is one of my most popular prints.  I imagine they are on the way to a watering hole. All the colors were mixed with just the three primary colors.  In theory any painter needs only three colors. But, mixing colors is an art that requires years of experience. The main problem with mixing all your colors is coming up with a matching color on a subsequent mix.  So most of us use a lot of tube colors to overcome the challenge of matching.

Stompin’ at the Savanah
watercolor by Ron Sheldon


$139.00 USD


The original is sold. The image size is 9x12 inches.  For protection the painting will be shrink-wrapped to a foam core backing inside the package.  A certificate of authentication will be attached..

Giclée fine art print