Desert Well
watercolor by Ron Sheldon

Giclée fine art print with matte

$20.00 USD + S&H


High quality Giclée prints are available for $20. They are printed with archival pigment inks on heavyweight matte-finish art paper. They are mounted in a 9x12 inch high quality acid free matte board. The matte color is Palm Beach White which will go with any décor. They are ready for display or mounting in a standard size 9x12 frame.



A hand dug well on a desert homestead

This is an actual homestead in Joshua Tree National Park.  For many years a family lived in this remote canyon in the area now know as a National Park.  The family built their home and farm buildings amongst the rock pile cliffs. After the homestead was abandoned the Park Service took it over to prevent further vandalism.  You can visit, but advance reservations must be made with the Park Service. The rocky cliffs are a favorite with rock climbers from all over the world.  There are hundreds of locations in the park where you can climb. On our visit I took a number of photos including this well.